Jamaica 2010

This was a last minute trip to Negril, Jamaica – I believe we departed December 26th, 2010 and stayed for New Years Eve.  We stayed in an all inclusive at the Montego Bay end of 7 Mile Beach – nothing special, crazy packed as it was over the holiday.   It was a great walk along 7 mile beach to town.  We did a couple of trips, catamaran and an all day trip to YS Falls, Appleton Estates & a Black River cruise.  That trip was well worth it.  Rick’s Cafe is a nice little stop – I was disappointed that almost as soon as the diving is over the music stops and the evening is over 😦  Things to note on this trip:

We were introduced to Appleton Estates rum…and it continues to be our fav 🙂  We really enjoyed the tastings and tour of the facility.  The Black River tour was also well worth it and fascinating to see the life in/around the water.

A Canadian gal on the YS Falls tour was swimming in water at base of falls and fractured her leg badly by making a wrong move (and spent the rest of the day on the bus while we continued our tour).

On the all day trip we came across a number of car accidents up in the hills.  I would definitely not want to drive in this area, even in the bus I found myself holding my breath as we drove.

Our hotel had been invaded by gunmen a few days previously and one of the front desk clerks was shot (not fatally)

We aren’t people who like to stay on resort and Negril doesn’t really offer a lot to do in town, it’s not a wandering about kind of place.  Great place for beaching/all inclusives though.  All in all, every trip is a learning experience, not certain I would return, as always we are happiest when we are out looking at the sites off resort.


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