Old Vallarta/Downtown Puerto Vallarta – March 7th, 2015

Technology failed me this morning.  I poured my heart out and it’s gone!  Oh well, this way you get the 2nd time around reader’s digest version (lucky you).  When I have more time I will be going through my posts and filling in links that better describe the areas we have visited.

On Saturday morning we awoke to the sound of waves crashing – this is the life we were born for!!  Our water taxi to Yelapa wasn’t leaving until 1 pm, so we grabbed breakfast then spent a couple of hours walking through the streets/malecon of Old Vallarta and Downtown Puerto Vallarta.  I’ve taken some photos and at a later time will put a link in to the places we visited, however at this point in time I’m having issues with the photo gallery.  Not sure whether it’s a WIFI issue or WordPress issue.  I’m using the WordPress blog template and it’s fairly basic, who knows?? 🙂

For those of you who have never been to Puerto Vallarta and/or been but not spent time in the downtown area you are missing a great little city!  It has a alluring Mexican vibe mixed with the advantages of modern day Mexico.   The Malecon runs along the ocean in front of the city offering walkers and joggers the perfect environment for fresh air and exercise.  At night this place is lively with vendors and various types of performances.

Romantica Zone in the morning is more alive, it is more Mexican and there is the hustle and bustle of daily life going on.  There is no shortage of bakeries, coffee shops, little cafe’s for breakfast on the quaint streets or along the oceanfront.  This place makes me smile 🙂

A little square near in Old Vallarta where they have vendors and events



The sign denoting the streets/places of Old Vallarta


Tile Art depicting Downtown Puerto Vallarta


The beautiful old church in Downtown Puerto Vallarta


Locals under a little bridge selling what appear to be oysters and other shell fish (we were limited for time so couldn’t go down and check it out).  This is on the Malecon.


Boardwalk/sidewalks all along the ocean in front of the hotels/restaurants of Old Vallarta Romantica Zone


Los Muertos Pier, the sculpture on the pier lights up at night.026 - Copy


Old Vallarta


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