Yelapa March 8, 2015

As is the story of my life, once again technology failed me!  I shot video with my blackberry as we entered Yelapa Bay, no clue what happened but all I have is the audio *sigh*.  Getting to Yelapa in the water taxi was an interesting trip.  It takes about 45 minutes and the boat is totally loaded with people, bags, groceries & even some household things like chairs.  Yelapa is on the mainland but only accessible by boat or by ATV if you come in through the hills.  No roads, only wider old style stone pathways where you will find people, lots of dogs, burros, horses & ATV’s.  Upon arrival at the dock a local offered to help us with our luggage and we set off in the heat of the day through winding streets up hills across bridges, our luggage is a bit heavy as I have yet to learn to bring just enough.  At one point there was a wheel barrow and the fellow stopped and loaded our bags into the wheel barrow and took us the rest of the way to Casa Garcia where we had rented one of their little apartments for the week.

Once settled we threw on our suits and went out to sit in the sun for a while, however we are explorers and decided to go down to the other end of the beach for a bite to eat.  In order to get there we had to cross Tuito River which creates this lagoon in the beach that let’s out clear cold water into the ocean.  Luckily we had our suits on because it was flowing quite fast and about waist deep.  Today it’s shallow again and you can walk through it.  The locals use the area as a safe harbour for their pangas (a style of boat pronounced pongas).  It seems that they have to dig it out every once in a while to get the water deep enough to get boats in and out.  Interesting.  Dinner was at a beach side restaurant called Domingos and it was just ok.   Johnny had lobster, I had shrimp both meals were prepared with garlic butter and  had rice, frijoles and salad, 2 Pina Coladas for me and 2 Corona’s for Johnny and we headed back to change our clothing to make a quick trip down the path to La Tienda (the shop) so we could pick up a few grocery items for the week.

This morning we languished in our open air bedroom and made our selves breakfast of fresh eggs on a tortilla!  After breakfast we went for a walk to the small waterfalls and then wound our way through the town, up the hill to the cemetary and back down again.  Some of the pathways are so steep I almost felt I needed a guide rope, unfortunately the fence beside was barbed wire, so not recommended to grab onto 🙂

It’s beach time now, but I wanted to finally post this blog with some Yelapa scenes!  Also, I finally figured out the gallery option…so just click on the first image and you can click your way through with larger images!

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