Delicate Constitution

Perhaps you’ve noticed I’ve been slightly less animated the the last day or so.  Even at the best of times I possess a delicate constitution.  Somewhere along the line my tummy has decided to rebel against that which I ingest, always exacerbated by trips out of Canada/US.  At home I have managed to cut out the things that cause me the most pain, which includes peppers, onions, nuts, seeds, anything that has thick skin (i.e. apples) gluten, lactose.  I’ve never been diagnosed with a specific allergy or disease, I just know I feel better when avoiding these things.  I follow a quasi low FODMAP diet.  Suffice it to say, that when I travel, given my penchant for over-indulgence, I tend to throw all caution to the wind and eat whatever I see.  Consequently, I have spent most of the day today, with a hurty tummy wishing I could learn a little restraint when it comes to food!  The good news is (there is always a positive side), if a girl isn’t feeling well, there is no place nicer to be than lounging on a bed overlooking the ocean, watching the para-sailers go by, listening the waves and having Senor Juanny waiting on me hand and foot (hope he doesn’t read this)!

Adios for now Amigos, soon we will attempt to head up the beach for some sustenance!

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