Back to the Land of Ice & Snow!

My apologies for simply dropping out of sight.  Unfortunately, I haven’t been feeling great.  Johnny is fine, no issues at all, however I can’t seem to shake the bug I picked up while away.   Most of my trips end this way, it totally sucks to have this type of tummy!  Oh well, what doesn’t kill you makes ya’ strong!  So….overall, what did I feel about my week in Yelapa?

I loved the remoteness of Yelapa and the opportunity to stay in an authentic Mexican village and the more you wander the more you feel the magic.  Of course, there are tourists and expats, however there are far more locals and the expats seem to be a fairly quiet group, enjoying nature, hiking & a bit of socialization in the restaurants. Yelapa has my ideal setting, hills behind me, ocean in front.  There are lots of places to walk, lots of great places to eat for great prices.  The restaurants at the main/larger beach tend to be pricier than the village or upriver options.  That said, a meal for two with one or two drinks each was running us about 300 pesos (approximately $27).  The weather was terrific, although I believe the weather we experienced may have been atypical for this time of year, a bit cooler.  There was hardly any humidity – a real plus for me.  It got down to 17c at night and highs around 27 to 30 during the day, however mostly there was a nice breeze.  There is a hang gliding school and apparentally the winds are best in January, February, March.

The only negative things from my perspective is the sand is coarser and the water is colder than I prefer (still quite swimmable).  The water is also not the clear sparkling water you find in the Mayan Riviera.

Overall, I think Yelapa is absolutely worth a visit, as long as you go there understanding that it is not a high end resort style town (although there are some very nice places to stay), and that you are there for the beauty, nature & experience of being off the beaten path!

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