Canada Day 2015

Most years on July 1st you will find Johnny and I in downtown Ottawa and this year was no exception.  We started our journey at 9:45 a.m. with a walk to meet friends at Bridgehead (Richmond/Golden) for a coffee.  Along the way we stopped and took a couple of photos of Maplelawn Garden (click here for more info) After a good long catch up Johnny & I headed along Richmond to wait for the bus to downtown!  We only take buses on Canada Day so it’s quite a treat!  We had our first ride on a double decker OC Transpo bus and happily went upstairs and took in the views from our lofty position!  Both Johnny & I are on a bit of a health kick these days, so we had packed a lunch and ate on the bus on the way down.

I admit that our usual Canada Days would have included a long lazy lunch on a warm patio in the Byward Market sipping lots of Pinot Grigio – but our health kick has precluded that but it was still a fine day!  Once downtown we walked through the crowds, getting there just in time to see the Olympic Flame come in and to here the Prime Minster and the Governor General speak.  After that we just went a wanderin’ down to the locks (always the best bathroom facilities in the Parks Canada buildings 🙂  After that we headed down Rideau checking out the crowds and the amazing array of red & white!  We didn’t see as many street performers as we had in previous years, but managed to take in a few busker style shows.  Unfortunately, during Chris the Magician the heavens burst open and it rained like mad.  Rideau Street had a river flowing down it and people were trying to get into the Rideau Centre but there was about a 4 foot wide ‘crossing’ to get to the sidewalk.  We were already so soaked at that point we decided just to walk back to Albert Street and grab a bus home.  All in all, not our usual Canada Day, but we still had fun and have finally warmed up after being soaked!  Unfortunately, my phone was a casualty and seems to have stopped working after getting soaked in my jacket pocket *sigh*. Happy Canada Day!!!!!!!!!

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