Road Trip 2015 – The Final Leg – Lac Megantic, Quebec

We grudgingly packed up and left the lovely Lubec, Maine for the trip toward home.  Our next hotel booking at an Inn on Lac Megantic in Quebec.  This location was selected because it was more or less a halfway point between Lubec and our home city of Ottawa, Ontario.  Prior to July 6, 2013 I had never heard of Lac Megantic.  Unfortunately, after that day the whole country and perhaps those even further away had heard about the tragic train disaster that resulted in the loss of many innocent lives.  47 people died, some of them absolutely obliterated from earth.  In a blink of an eye everything that one knows can change.

Not a great way to start a travel post, but the truth was obvious.  Upon arrival from the Maine side we drove up the Lake and the beautiful Inn we were staying at was just before you reached the town.  Auberge Les Victorines du Lac is absolutely charming, built in 1996 it was designed to replicate an old world Inn and they did a great job of it.  The setting is wonderful with big trees, gorgeous lake views, nice grounds with chairs, benches, patios to lounge around.  We were greeted by the Innkeeper and escorted to our room.  It was late in the day so we freshened up and headed out to sit reading by the water.  We were both pretty tired, so went in and grabbed a quick nap before dinner.  Dinner was wonderful, we both had the Chef’s Special which was Duck…done to perfection.  It was a multi-course meal each course consisting of something sumptuous.  I would highly recommend this Inn as a relaxing retreat night or weekend.

We really didn’t spend any time in Lac Megantic, we simply drove through town passing the area where the train disaster had occurred, the entire area has been flattened and the downtown has been moved to another spot.  it was so sad to see this huge space flattened with fresh gravel spread all over it….it wasn’t until I got home that I sat down and read what I could about the town, the people who lost their lives, the reactions of their families.  Lac Megantic is a beautiful community which now has a big hole in the centre of it….a blink of an eye . . . .I didn’t take any pictures of the town, it didn’t feel right, I didn’t want to be a voyeur….an article from the Montreal Gazette.

A few photos of our trip home….I’m never really very fond of returning home…..I could live out of a suitcase forever (or until I got too frail to carry it)…..while doing the laundry tonight, we started to plan our next adventure……stay tuned 🙂

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