Labour Day 2015/Johnny’s Birthday – Calabogie Lake, Ontario

The Labour Day weekend is always a mixed blessing.  One one hand, you are so ready to have a lovely summer weekend, on the other  hand Labour Day signifies the end of the summer.  We all know technically summer lasts for another few weeks, but back to school, closing up the cottage, summer vacations over….poignant 🙂  Our decision to rent a cottage for the long weekend was very last minute.  I had initially tried to get one in Westport area, knowing that daughter Chloe would be visiting her boyfriend’s parents home in that area.  I couldn’t find any decent waterfront cottages, so turned my sites to Calabogie where I remembered there were some GREAT hiking trails.  The entire weekend blossomed into an event!  Sandra had Saturday night off, Chloe & Kyle were able to come from Westport so it turned into a birthday celebration for Johnny.   I got all creative and developed a theme for the party and the weekend proceeded as follows!  FYI, Johnny is Norwegian (born & raised), thus the Viking/Norwegian theme!

We finished up early on Friday afternoon and headed out to Calabogie.  The weather was forecast to be hot and clear the whole weekend and so it was!  High 20’s to low 30’s (c) during the day and down a bit at night, perfect!  Friday was pretty simple, bbq hamburgs, relaxing and reading.  We got up early on saturday morning and headed off on our scheduled 9 k hike along Manitou Mountain.  In the end we walked more like 12k or more.   We ended up spending almost 6 hours hiking, two hours of which were spent going one hour the wrong way and one hour back to the trail *oooops*……the hike was great with amazing views, lasting a little longer than expected it was getting pretty hot by the time we were done, but we survived!  We had a picnic lunch and water & the was good!  Sandra & Morgan had already arrived at the cottage when we got back with Chloe & Kyle due to arrive around 6.   Morgan had done some of the party decoration (thankfully) and once rested I finished it off!  We had swedish meatballs with lingonberry sauce from IKEA, Marzipan cake from Swiss Pastries, fun decor and a good time was had by all!!  The next day after a good breakfast the kids headed off and Johnny and I proceeded to relax, take the pedal boat out and do lots of reading!  We went for a wee 4k walk along Barrett Chute Road.  Monday morning was cleaning, a bit of relaxing then we headed the backroads and had lunch in Perth, then off home to get back to the new reality called Fall!

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