Mexico/Belize 2016 – Day 6 of 18

February 25, 2016

Accommodation:  Banana Beach Resort, San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, Belize

At Banana Beach February 22nd to February 29th, 2016.

Last night was kind of pre-stormy weather that never turned into a storm. However the wind did knock the electricity out (thereby also knocking the water pumps out) on and off for a few hours. Again, this morning it went off for a while so no shower water. We threw on yesterday’s clothing and went down in our unwashed state for breakfast! The temperature had gone from 31c and sunny yesterday to below 20c this morning with a cloudy sky. After breakfast we headed back to the room where a short time later the water came back on (there is a generator for the lights, it just doesn’t power the pumps) and we showered up and headed off for a BIG walk. Absolutely perfect weather for a big walk too! We explored the inner streets of San Pedro (we avoid them in the heat of the day), checking out the shops and facilities. At some point we took a lunch break at Fido’s (prounced Feedos) and then decided it was time to rent a golf car (the main mode of transportation here) and head off to the north end of the Island (the other side of the bridge).

We suggested to the car rental fellow that we might like to go to ‘Secret” Beach and he said, oh no, you don’t want to go there, it will take 45 minutes and the roads are incredibly bumpy. Johnny and I actually thought we would listen to him….until…..after going a few miles north we saw the sign to Secret Beach 🙂 Muhahahhahahahahahhaha… two bad school kids, we hung a left and peeled it on our gas motored cart toward the rocky wash boardy narrow road enroute to SECRET BEACH! Apparentally it has only recently been discovered as a beach destination (Ambergris Caye isn’t known for it’s beaches…lots of seagrass and shallow waters)…..after 40 minutes or so off swerving to avoid pot holes, breaking to avoid humongous rocks we finally made it to Secret Beach! It’s quite beautiful on the open ocean. Honestly, it was windy and cold though and apparentally the water wasn’t as calm and clear as it usually is, but we had at least been there…it was a Secret no longer!

Now, from a Realtor point of view, here is what is interesting! This entire area is apparentally owned by one person and it has been subdivided into lots with little lot # signs just like would see at home. It covers a very large chunk of land and includes mangrove front, ocean front and non-water lots. There had to be hundreds of lots subdivided, and we saw maybe 5 or 6 houses and no other homes started…here’s hoping the developer is loaded…it may take quite a while to fill those lots up.

The need to relieve ourselves upon arrival at SECRET Beach was strong 🙂 There was a sign post with little arrow style signs saying Restrooms (3 Belize Dollars) (1.50 US), cold drinks, etc…so we headed down the driveway. At the end of the Driveway was a big house and two small colourful cabanas on stilts. A woman (American) appeared in the doorway of the big house and asked if we needed anything and we told her indeed we needed to use the restrooms. So, we gave her our 6 BZD and used the very clean facilities (which were padlocked…she gave us a key). We had a wee chat with her and she told us that she and her husband were from Utah and had bought this property sight unseen and moved here in April of last year. Originally, they were just building a place for themselves to live, but it had blossomed into a B & B concept and they started to see the need for restrooms and cold drinks so they added those pay services to their repertoire. The B & B isn’t up and running yet because they are waiting to receive their permit to run it. A gorgeous although somewhat remote location if you want to be almost off the grid. They are solar powered, cute as a button and evolving as the need arises! LOVE their entrepreneurial spirit.

We then hopped back into the golf cart and headed the 40/45 minutes back into San Pedro town, where we dropped off the cart and walked back to our hotel (which is a couple of miles out of town). I’ve decided to start typing things in word to cut and paste into the blog once I have internet. This way everything is fresh in my mind! Did I mention that we are having our evening cocktails (rum & diet coke with fresh lime) and nacho chips with spicy mango salso? Yummm 🙂










  1. The weather seems to be unsettled everywhere. Florida is having really cool weather. Sun out here but very cold today tomorrow single digits.
    Which colored house are you in?

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