Mexico/Belize 2016 – Day 17 of 18

March 7th, 2016

Accommodation:  Playa Arena Villas, Isla Mujeres, Mexico

At Playa Arena Villas from March 4th to March 8th, 2016

Hola!  Last full day of vacation *sigh sigh sigh sigh*………SIGH!   The day promised to be warm and sunny so we started off after breakfast on a walk.  Not a long walk through, we wanted to make this day mostly about beach/ocean time and dinner out.  We had prepared most of our meals in our wee kitchen in Isla Mujeres, so today was eat out lunch & dinner day!   This morning we decided to go down and look at a couple more hotel prospects for a future visit.  We found a great little one on the east side and they showed us a King suite ocean front room.  Although it didn’t have a kitchen it did have a fridge and they served breakfast. could do lunch stuff and then go out for dinner.  Loved the place, love the King room with a little sofa/lounge area with awesome views and the greatest terrace with lounge chairs and a BIG TUB on the balcony!  This place is a definite contender for a future trip!  Hmm…wonderful it’s available forever starting tomorrow?

We walked through town and I snapped shots of everything colourful 🙂  Bought a few fridge magnets (we have a fridge magnet collection from our travels) and then headed back to suit up and hit the beach!  We really aren’t sit in the sun people so we used the umbrella, chatted to the couple sitting next to us (from Alberta), took a swim (Johnny took a few swims) and read our books.  Ordered lunch on the beach, had a couple of cocktails and late afternoon headed back to room to relax before dinner.  Tried to have a nap but couldn’t.  Realized that although we had been in the shade most of the time we had both somehow taken in WAY too much sun.  Of course, that tired me out and I felt a bit off but we still headed out for dinner.  The really well rated good restaurants are more in the south end of the Island and we really didn’t feel like cabbing it up there so I found what was one of the better rated down-town restaurants and we ate at Qubano – a Cuban restaurant.  Food was great, but honestly, I was feeling off (just from sun) and we ate our tasty food and headed back to the room where we just watched HBO and had an early night.  So much for the big night out, huh?  It started getting really windy in the evening and it continued all through the night and as you know, I write this the next day (and mix-up my tenses constantly) and I can report is is still window on day 18 of 18….overcast….calling for rain – the perfect day to prepare to leave.  Catch you later……Day 18 of 18 will be from home and will contain a recap and my overall impression of our moving about vacation!!


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