5 More Sleeps!

Only 5 more sleeps to our first ever beach Christmas!  This weekend we attended Johnny’s Christmas Party at the Fairmont Chateau Laurier Hotel here in Ottawa.  It’s a beautiful old hotel and a lovely place to celebrate Christmas!

Busy week this week with work, appointments, dinner at our daughter’s house, lunch with friends, cleaning the house, laundry, packing and then finally our flight will leave at 6 am on Saturday morning…wooo hoooooo!!

The reason I brought you to this post today though was to tell you about the movie we saw last night on Netflix…..it was actually a documentary…..minam


We have been de-cluttering/minimizing for years now….starting back in about 2009 with the knowledge that we would be selling our 4 bedroom home in the burbs within the next few years….we put it up for sale in 2011 and we had divested ourselves of a great number of personal effects – and of course we had to because we were moving to an 1,100 sq. ft. condo apartment with one small storage locker for the ‘extras’.  Living with less just felt better.  Of course one always over minimizes in the beginning and we did have to replace a thing or two…  Next step, we sold the 1,100 sq ft condo after 4 years and moved into an even smaller condo in 2015…we are down to about 950 sq ft….and yes….100 sq ft makes a difference when it comes to storage.  Honestly, we had to rent a 2nd storage locker because we are still holding onto some family treasures that will be passed along to our daughters once they have homes, we still camp…..so lots of camping gear….golf clubs….but honestly my real estate files, signs and general *stuff* takes up a lot of our extra locker space.

Our vacations are for the most part done using a carry on bag now…..our camping trips we try to take only what we absolutely need, we no longer buy things for the home. What I didn’t take into consideration was that now I have started doing a few hobbies…sewing, painting (acrylics)….so I have had to recently re-organise our very tight space to accommodate these things.  Our new little cottage in P.E.I. will start to absorb some of our ‘extras’.  Bottom line is….minimizing is quite cathartic, you can turn your attention to other things – such as watching great documentaries on Netflix!   De-cluttering your space, then your mind …….. experience life .. not your phone (which I am VERY bad with)……live in the moment…..watch the movie….I think you will enjoy it!


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