Para sailing!

Wednesday was a total beach day…..hung out on the beach reading.  I went para sailing about 40 years ago in Mexico and have never done so since.  One of the main reasons is that Johnny has been a bit apprehensive about about floating in the air.  Not sure how he is fine when we zip-line……well…..all that has changed!  He told me earlier this week that if he was fortified with rum that perhaps I could get him up in the air…..soo….around 3 ish we headed down the beach to a little beach bar, had a couple of rums and then hailed a beach ‘guy’ who arranged a trip….motor boat/panga came to pick us up on shore….took us out to the para sail boat, did the water transfer over……one couple was a head of us on the boat, they went up, we figured out what to do, harnessed up and it was our turn.  Johnny loved it (as I knew he would) and the first question he had was….”I wonder if you can do it for longer” 🙂

So now,  as a couple (not all on this trip) we have para sailed, zip-lined, rappelled, ATV’d, rode a donkey, rode horses, snorkelled, scuba-dived, sailed a mono-hull, sailed a hobie, canoed, kayaked, rode around an island on a golf cart,  flew on a float plane into a mountain lake, cycled, hiked Mt Fuji (johnny all, me a little bit),  hmmmm….wonder what’s next? !!!!  2 more sleeps, again, no plans for today and tomorrow…..

Oh Oh…we have never rented one of those scooter things……we are going to The Corn Islands at the end of February – I think that would be a perfect place to learn to scoot!!!

Living proof:


Fortification Process
The Panga
The para sail boat
The Brave Man



They lower us to dip our feet in the water


It feels a bit chilly 🙂

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