Island Tour

Darcie Loy is the Saskatchewan born and bred owner of the Sea Star Spa here on Big Corn Island.  Today she took us on an island tour ‘Saskatchewan style’ ……. meaning we sat in lawn chairs in the back of her pick up truck with beverages in hand as her daughter drove the truck and Darcie gave us an interesting tour and lesson in all things Corn Island! It was lots of fun and very enlightening.

After the tour (which included food and beverage stops) we elected to walk part way back and pick up some grocery items for our room.  The island is not touristic in the least.  The streets and shops are mosrly filled with locals. No trinkets and only one shop sells Corn Island tees.

Our hotel is on the windy side of the island which means it doesnt get too hot and the water is perfect for wave jumping.  The water is warm and the bottom is sandy.  Perfect for us!  The other side has calm waters and better for swimming and us warmer  The north end has a reef and great for off beach snorkeling.and has a couple of dive shops.

Upload speeds are bad here so will have to do an album when home…here are a few shots.

Locals enjoying a beer at sunset

Fellow guest and Darcie on the Island tour…the soon to be cobbled road to our hotel at the end

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