Captain Morgan

Beyond our hotel and up a narrow rocky roadway is an estate which is known as the George Morgan house.  George Morgan is apparentally a decendent of the famous pirate of days gone by…. Captain Morgan. We can see the gazebo from our beach, however our beach is separated by large rocks.  So…for a change (lol) we headed up the hill to see the Morgan house.  Did I mention that my feet hurt and I have blisters??

This isn’t the rocky part

To get to the Morgan house you have to go down a long narrow driveway.  We saw workers and they didn’t have an issue with us being there.  We came to a spot where we saw the house…the sea….the beach all very manicured and tidy.  We came across another worker who indicated it would be fine for us to walk up to the gazebo for the view….breath taking!

Looking toward Sea Star beach on Long Bay

We later heard that no one stays at this estate and that although it is for sale the owners have refused the offers received.  I wonder if our lottery numbers came in?
We continued walking along the cliff until there was no path.  We continued even further through piles of fallen coconuts and huge boulders.  Eventually we had to turn back as it was too dense to maneuvre.

Back at Sea Star we relaxed, had lunch and headed off to Sally Peachie to snorkel.


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