Moon Phases

I have heard of the havoc moon phases can cause.  Now I am experiencing it. We are on the windy side of the island so there are always a lot waves and warm breeze.  The first few days we were here the water was fun to play in.  In one of my previous posts I mentioned rip tides.  Essentially now the seas in our Long Bay beach are very strong with rip tides forming constantly.  We sleep with our doors open and all night the waves sound like thunder.  Apparentally Sunday will be the worst and then by Tuesday things should go back to normal.

Two days ago we did some off beach snorkeling on the quiet side of the island and couldn’t stay out for long because of waves.  We later heard that snorkel boat trips had been cancelled due to high seas.  

Sunday we are moving to Little Corn for the week and normally you get there on a panga.  We may not be able to make it in the panga.  Sometimes you can go on a freighter instead… perhaps that will be an option.  Oh the trials and tribulations of Island life!

Today we are going to the quietest beach for a swim!

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