A Wandering We Did Go

We had originally planned to ‘hang’ at Sea Star this day…..however as always the call for further exploration over took.  We headed up the hill and then came to a concrete road we hadnt yet been down. 

There was just the odd house at first and then it turned into a local barrio.  As in many less prosperous local areas in Central America some Corn Islanders have simple homes most very close together with a certain amount of trash spread around.  I  take few photos in these neighbourhoods so not to intrude.  Within the barrios they have small shops offering a variety of services.  In most cases the shop keepers live in the same building.  We forgot our water so stopped at a local home/shop for some natural juuce served in thin plastic bags.

We just kept walking…exploring and enjoying all things and people we met along the way.  We discovered a beach we hadnt seen before, tried out a new restaurant, then finally hailed a taxi and headed back to Sea Star.

Briggs Bay Beach

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