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Winter Vacation!!

There comes a day in the lives of many Canadians where they either yearn for or discover the WINTER VACATION.  I was in my late teens when I first started going on trips to Florida and Mexico.  For a period of time when I was raising my children and involved in other aspects of life this activity was curtailed.  When my girls were in their teens this blessed (I use the term loosely) activity was resurrected.  Since then we have managed to sneak off to Florida, Mexico (numerous times), Cuba, Dominican Republic, Jamaica, British Virgin Islands, St. Martin (twice), Saba and Costa Rica.  Mexico is definitely my ‘go to’ place when looking for a quick get away.  I love Mexico and still haven’t found another country that presents the vitality and beauty this country has to offer.

Pictured below – the reason I travel.  Today is the last day of a 3 day POLAR VORTEX.  A Polar Vortex freezes your nose hairs, hurts your lungs when you breath and the moment you walk outside it makes you feel like you’ve been popped into one of those freeze dry machines.  Over this past weekend our ‘low’ was around -28 c with wind chills between -38 to -40c.  Click here for the real definition of Polar Vortex.

This is the reason Canadians go on Winter Vacation.  This is the reason that Canadians can live happily through daily temps ranging from zero c to -20 c for months at a time because one 3 day weekend of Polar Vortex weather makes ya strong, builds character and generally numbs you into the realization that we shall survive whatever Mother Nature has to offer.

Saturday (Feb 20th, we head off for 17 days in Mexico & Belize.  Heeee Hawwwww!  Let the warmth begin!


Jamaica 2010

This was a last minute trip to Negril, Jamaica – I believe we departed December 26th, 2010 and stayed for New Years Eve.  We stayed in an all inclusive at the Montego Bay end of 7 Mile Beach – nothing special, crazy packed as it was over the holiday.   It was a great walk along 7 mile beach to town.  We did a couple of trips, catamaran and an all day trip to YS Falls, Appleton Estates & a Black River cruise.  That trip was well worth it.  Rick’s Cafe is a nice little stop – I was disappointed that almost as soon as the diving is over the music stops and the evening is over 😦  Things to note on this trip:

We were introduced to Appleton Estates rum…and it continues to be our fav 🙂  We really enjoyed the tastings and tour of the facility.  The Black River tour was also well worth it and fascinating to see the life in/around the water.

A Canadian gal on the YS Falls tour was swimming in water at base of falls and fractured her leg badly by making a wrong move (and spent the rest of the day on the bus while we continued our tour).

On the all day trip we came across a number of car accidents up in the hills.  I would definitely not want to drive in this area, even in the bus I found myself holding my breath as we drove.

Our hotel had been invaded by gunmen a few days previously and one of the front desk clerks was shot (not fatally)

We aren’t people who like to stay on resort and Negril doesn’t really offer a lot to do in town, it’s not a wandering about kind of place.  Great place for beaching/all inclusives though.  All in all, every trip is a learning experience, not certain I would return, as always we are happiest when we are out looking at the sites off resort.



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