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Winter Vacation!!

There comes a day in the lives of many Canadians where they either yearn for or discover the WINTER VACATION.  I was in my late teens when I first started going on trips to Florida and Mexico.  For a period of time when I was raising my children and involved in other aspects of life this activity was curtailed.  When my girls were in their teens this blessed (I use the term loosely) activity was resurrected.  Since then we have managed to sneak off to Florida, Mexico (numerous times), Cuba, Dominican Republic, Jamaica, British Virgin Islands, St. Martin (twice), Saba and Costa Rica.  Mexico is definitely my ‘go to’ place when looking for a quick get away.  I love Mexico and still haven’t found another country that presents the vitality and beauty this country has to offer.

Pictured below – the reason I travel.  Today is the last day of a 3 day POLAR VORTEX.  A Polar Vortex freezes your nose hairs, hurts your lungs when you breath and the moment you walk outside it makes you feel like you’ve been popped into one of those freeze dry machines.  Over this past weekend our ‘low’ was around -28 c with wind chills between -38 to -40c.  Click here for the real definition of Polar Vortex.

This is the reason Canadians go on Winter Vacation.  This is the reason that Canadians can live happily through daily temps ranging from zero c to -20 c for months at a time because one 3 day weekend of Polar Vortex weather makes ya strong, builds character and generally numbs you into the realization that we shall survive whatever Mother Nature has to offer.

Saturday (Feb 20th, we head off for 17 days in Mexico & Belize.  Heeee Hawwwww!  Let the warmth begin!


Saba & St. Martin 2013

Saba & St. Martin

March 2013 we spent 7 days on the island of Saba.  Saba is a special municipality of the Kingdom of the Netherlands and is a five square mile island located at Latitude – 17.38 North ~ Longitude – 63.13 West in the northeastern Caribbean Sea, 28 miles southwest of its international hub the island of St. Maarten.

We had discovered this tiny island when watching one of our favourite TV shows ‘Distant Shores‘.

Saba is one of those spots no-one seems to have heard of.  It’s well known in the scuba diving community and we did in fact take a day long scuba diving lesson.  It was pretty easy in the swimming pool…..a bird of another feather once in the old ocean 🙂  I couldn’t equalize, started to panic and decided I would continue my training for longer before I went straight to ocean! (still a work in progress)!  Saba is also known for it’s medical school and surprisingly a great number of Canadians attend it.  A few photos in the gallery below to give you an idea of the diversity of Saba.  Google it, well worth a little explore.  We discovered that many of the beautiful trails in Saba are maintained by volunteers from Canada who come down every year to work on the trails.  The hiking is really beautiful and the trails are in good condition.  We did Mt Scenery first as it’s the highest and we thought if we started there everything else would seem easy.  Well, just because some of the others aren’t high, doesn’t mean they were easy!  The hardest was in fact Spring Bay trail, as it was totally exposed to the elements and very dry and hot.  A lot of ground that slid a bit when you walked on it.  My favourite trail was one we went on without being prepared (no water, no poles), it was Sandy Cruz and it was a beautiful trail through a jungle like setting with frequent views of the ocean.  At the end of the trail is a beautiful hotel, where we went for lunch and a well deserved cocktail!

We stayed in St. Martin on the French side in Grand Case for 2 nights before Saba & 1 night after.  I love Grand Case,  really perfect location, nice water, great restaurants, a lot of different styles of accommodation.   We stayed at the Bleu Emeraude and just loved it!


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