Last Day

Last day ….flying out in a few hours….home Monday night…..will post recap later in week!!

Swimming..beaching…reading ….. before we leave for airport in 2.5 hours

Back in Big Corn..

Flying to Managua then San Jose, Costa Rica Sunday….then Monday to Toronto then Ottawa….

Today the beach…5 pm baseball!


5 minute rain storm!

March 8, 2017

Exploring…..reading……winds still high so no water time.  Going back to Big Corn one day early to see the baseball game and have some calm beach time…Saturday……when home will post my daily blogs and photos…wifi in restaraunts not good enough to upload much. Johnny on our covered porch.

Little Corn

Safe and sound on the island…..but no wifi… just posting to let you know all is good!

No Wi-Fi

We are heading out for our great adventure to Little Corn Island this morning.  Although I will be blogging text I probably cant upload photos. So you may not hear much frim me until I get somewhere with a decent connection….maybe not until we get home on March 13th…which is also 20 years since we met ‘in real life’ and 19 years since we married and 18 years since we moved to Ottawa…great anniversary day!

I will also be doing a longer post recapping the whole holiday…typing on phone has been a challenge!  Adios until the next time!

A Wandering We Did Go

We had originally planned to ‘hang’ at Sea Star this day…..however as always the call for further exploration over took.  We headed up the hill and then came to a concrete road we hadnt yet been down. 

There was just the odd house at first and then it turned into a local barrio.  As in many less prosperous local areas in Central America some Corn Islanders have simple homes most very close together with a certain amount of trash spread around.  I  take few photos in these neighbourhoods so not to intrude.  Within the barrios they have small shops offering a variety of services.  In most cases the shop keepers live in the same building.  We forgot our water so stopped at a local home/shop for some natural juuce served in thin plastic bags.

We just kept walking…exploring and enjoying all things and people we met along the way.  We discovered a beach we hadnt seen before, tried out a new restaurant, then finally hailed a taxi and headed back to Sea Star.

Briggs Bay Beach

Captain Morgan

Beyond our hotel and up a narrow rocky roadway is an estate which is known as the George Morgan house.  George Morgan is apparentally a decendent of the famous pirate of days gone by…. Captain Morgan. We can see the gazebo from our beach, however our beach is separated by large rocks.  So…for a change (lol) we headed up the hill to see the Morgan house.  Did I mention that my feet hurt and I have blisters??

This isn’t the rocky part

To get to the Morgan house you have to go down a long narrow driveway.  We saw workers and they didn’t have an issue with us being there.  We came to a spot where we saw the house…the sea….the beach all very manicured and tidy.  We came across another worker who indicated it would be fine for us to walk up to the gazebo for the view….breath taking!

Looking toward Sea Star beach on Long Bay

We later heard that no one stays at this estate and that although it is for sale the owners have refused the offers received.  I wonder if our lottery numbers came in?
We continued walking along the cliff until there was no path.  We continued even further through piles of fallen coconuts and huge boulders.  Eventually we had to turn back as it was too dense to maneuvre.

Back at Sea Star we relaxed, had lunch and headed off to Sally Peachie to snorkel.

Moon Phases

I have heard of the havoc moon phases can cause.  Now I am experiencing it. We are on the windy side of the island so there are always a lot waves and warm breeze.  The first few days we were here the water was fun to play in.  In one of my previous posts I mentioned rip tides.  Essentially now the seas in our Long Bay beach are very strong with rip tides forming constantly.  We sleep with our doors open and all night the waves sound like thunder.  Apparentally Sunday will be the worst and then by Tuesday things should go back to normal.

Two days ago we did some off beach snorkeling on the quiet side of the island and couldn’t stay out for long because of waves.  We later heard that snorkel boat trips had been cancelled due to high seas.  

Sunday we are moving to Little Corn for the week and normally you get there on a panga.  We may not be able to make it in the panga.  Sometimes you can go on a freighter instead… perhaps that will be an option.  Oh the trials and tribulations of Island life!

Today we are going to the quietest beach for a swim!

Short walk

We had originally intended to go snorkeling at Sally Peachy today.  However, the redness of our skin suggested that may not be wise.  We slathered on mucho sunscreen and headed of for a short walk up Quinn’s Hill right behind Sea Star.  The pile of cobble above will soon be a nice flat road covering the path style road below.

The above yellow pyramid like structure is called Soul of the World.  It signifies one of the 8 cardinal points of Earth.  Cardinal points are metaphysical concepts… it!!

Along the way we encountered this fine gentleman transporting the coconuts he had just harvested.

We then found ourselves extending our short walk down a narrow rocky jungle path which we were told by a local at the top of the hill would lead us to the other shore and more specifically Picnic Centre area.

Eventually after a lovely down hill walk through cool shaded jungle we arrived at the other side where we then stopped for some juice and ceviche!

Once refreshed we re-applied our sun screen and continued walking in search of a hat for me….forgot to pack one.  We walked and we walked……eventually coming upon a store that sold baseball style caps!  

Horse rolling in the sand

These horses are not tied or fenced

Lobster industry is big on the island

We were in Brigs Bay the retail area of Big Corn Island..lots of local style shops.  The streets were filled with uniformed school children coming to and or fro school.  At this stage we were looking for a taxi to get back to the hotel but they were all filled with school kids…..eventually we found one and arrived back at Sea Star.  Didnt take phitos in Brigs Bay.

Our short walk lasted about 3 hours!  

Upon arriving home we relaxed….. Johnny swam….almost lost him in a rip tide but he kept his wits about him and finally landed far down the beach with only a few scratches from ending up in the rocks.  Honestly…it was tense….but all is well that ends well………Lesson learned……we had been warned.

Not sure if he had been caught in rip tide yet

After a stiff drink we walked the just under 2k to the pizza place….actually run by an Italian…had a nice meal….walked home and went to sleep!


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