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Baseball in the Corn Islands

Baseball is the local sport of choice and the fans and players are passionate!  The only baseball I have really watched is Major League Toronto Blue Jays games back when they were a new team.    Every once in a while we might turn on a baseball game during the world series.   As mentioned in a previous post we were fortunate enough to get a ride to Little Corn along with the Big Corn West End team for their Sunday baseball against the Little Corn team.  We raced to our hotel and got settled so we could get back to watch the game.  The stands were full with a mix of tourist types and locals.

2 of 3 times during the game play was stopped due to disputes that could not be rectified.  Of course the absence of cameras to catch every move makes calls difficult to contest.  The players, umpire and lines people were all very animated.  I kept having to ask the lady next to me what was going on.  She was one of the more vocal individuals often becoming `seemingly`riled by the calls that were being made.  Truth is though, she would start yelling and cat calling and looked really angry, and then she would start grinning from ear to ear.  Even the players would be carrying on and yelling disputing something and then break out into a smile.  There is a fierce rivalry between Little Corn and all of the Big Corn teams, but in the end, baseball is their sport, their passion, and their fun!

The game actually got called somewhere in the 6th inning because the final dispute just couldn`t be rectified.  It was tied 5 to 5.  They were supposed to have a game the following Saturday in Big Corn.  We actually left a day early to see it, but in the end it was cancelled *sigh*.  Unfortunately, I have never heard who ended up winning the series they were playing *sigh* *sigh* . . . .if you are ever in the Corn Islands I would absolutely recommend a baseball game.  So much fun!

Getting to Little Corn 

The seas are rougher than normal and the pangas were not running.  We were told we needed to be at the docks by 8:30 am….just in case the pangas were running.  If they weren’t we would have to wait until 12:30 ish for a big boat.  Sea Star owner Darcie offered to drive us to the dock as she had to drop some bats off to the North End baseball team who were taking a supply boat to Little Corn. Luckily we were able to ride with them and were on our way by 9 ish.  I say luckily because as it turns out the other boat didn’t leave until 4:30.

The ride over was VERY wavy and water was washing up the sides.  Johnny and I and the north end team were in a small area of the boat and it was up close and personal.  I had some great chats with a couple of people and we found a new friend…right fielder Shane.  He was very helpful and informative and we enjoyed our time on the boat!  I won’t mention that one of the players (not Shane) was pretty sick with the waves (and maybe a little hang over? 🙂 …oh my 😎


Some of the North End, Big Corn Island baseball team – great guys! Shane, where is your smile?? 🙂


The dock on Big Corn at the Lobster plant (where we took the supply boat from)


This photo features the smiling face of our friend Shane of the North End, Big Corn Island baseball team!

We arrived on Little Corn before 10:30 a.m.  Getting on this boat was a challenge having to step off the dock and jump onto the deck….that was easy compared to getting off.  We actually had to get on the side edge of the boat..with some assistance get hoisted to a higher boat that was docked on the short pier and then jump onto a big cart..then jump onto the pier…..voila we had arrived at beautiful Little Corn Island.


Climbing from one boat to the bigger boat to get to the dock



The boat to the right was our ‘ride’ to Little Corn. The boat on the left was the boat we had to climb on to to get to the dock.


Our first steps onto Little Corn Island

At this stage we then had to find our way to Derek’s Place about a 20 minute walk with our heavy packs.  First we stopped at a beach bar…I had a smoothie and Johnny had a beer.  At only 10:30 in the morning it was a lively little bar!

There are no street signs or street names that I am aware of.  Essentially, in Little Corn with no motorized vehicles there are a couple of concrete sidewalks and the rest are paths.  Suffice it to say that we didn’t find the most direct path to Derek’s…what should have been 20 minutes was a 40 minute walk with heavy packs and going slightly out of our way.

Finally we reached the paradise that is Derek’s Place (to be described in a later post)…a casual check in…threw our bags in the room….relaxed for a few minutes and then headed back down a path to watch the baseball game….to be described in a separate post!


Big Corn Island, North End team in Blue vs Little Corn Island team.






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