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Mexico/Belize Day 1 of 18

February 20, 2016

Departed Ottawa, Ontario Canada – 6 a.m.

Arrived at Cancun Airport, Mexico aboard Air Transat 

Bus from Airport to Puerto Morelos Seven Eleven (711)

Taxi to the hotel

Accommodation:  Hacienda Morelos

Well, we managed to squeeze everything into our bags last night after deleting a few items.  My bag was 22.2 lbs and Johnny’s 18 lbs.  Discovered at the last minute that in fact our bags were a couple of inches too long to meet Air Transat carry on requirements but we soldiered on.  Having checked in on-line we were able to go directly to the screening area so in facto no Air Transat employee even looked at our bags and we got on the plane with no issues.  Great flight, left a bit late but we still arrived early.

Stopped at the ADO bus counter and bought our tickets.  Buses are plentifuly and very economical in Mexico.  We bought tickets for Airport directly to Puerto Morelos.  Puerto Morelos toTulum.  Tulum to Chetumal and Chetumal to Cancun.  For the two of us it came to 1,348 pesos – which is about $100 Canadian.  Had we taken a cab or shuttle to Puerto Morelos alone it would have cost 30 to 50 $.  We had to take a cab to our Hotel but that was 25 pesos, less than $2.

Hotel Hacienda was the cheapest waterfront hotel we could find.  $152 CDn.  It’s a pretty basic hotel, but clean with a minor ‘smell of Mexico’ ….however, we are happy campers who know we don’t need the Ritz.  We were early for check in (by 3.5 hrs) and the only room available was on main floor.  I don’t usually like being on main floor because I like to keep my doors/windows open to hear the sound of the surf (the room is ocean front), but we took it simply to get our day started!  Great little terrace with a table and 4 chairs on it.  A gal from New York city on one side of us and a Norwegian couple on the other side.  Quite a coincidence really, we don’t see Norwegians much on our travel (Johnny is of course Norwegian).  We were surprised to find out that you can get direct flights from Oslo and Stavanger to Cancun.

We went for a walk, had lunch at  an ocean front restaurant then had a little nap!  After our nap we went for another walk exploring further afield.  Lots of great restaurants and little shops, Puerto Morelos is a really cute little beach community (I think there is a larger more local side to it, but we’re in the beach area).  The big national park beach is beautiful.  The perfect kind of sand for walking – harder and flat!  We had a nice walk then headed back to the hotel to change and find a place to eat.  We wandered through the town square and the street with most of the restaurants.  Lots of choices with sidewalk tables, music playing….it was definitely the Mexico vibe that works best for me.  Puerto Morelos is really just a seaport that has grown a bit have a nice little tourist industry. It’s like a mini Playa del Carmen or Old Puerto Vallarta.  I like it a lot!

We dined in a courtyard restaurant open air, surrounded by trees with a nice breeze flowing through….so darn romantic 🙂 !!  We ordered our meal and a nice bottle of wine then wandered back through the square to the hotel.  Day 1 was a success with transportation working, hotel acceptable (in a 3 star way :)…….Sunday, we hope to wake early, go for a long beach walk, have our breakfast (included in the $152) and then grab a taxi to the bus and then a bus to our next destination – Tulum, Mexico.  I couldn’t read the photos from my camera so am going to upload them later when my personal system administrator wakes up 🙂  That card has the beautiful beach photos!

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The Adventure Continues!!!

Being Canadian is to get that winter vacation booked so that you have something to daydream about before the snow and frigid cold sets in!  Today my daydreams can begin!  February 20th we head off to Cancun…hop on a bus and spend one night in Puerto Morelos.  From Puerto Morelos we grab another bus and head to Tulum for one night!  After Tulum, we once again board an ADO bus and head to Chetumal where we will take a water taxi/ to Ambergris Caye, Belize!  7 nights in Ambergris Caye, then a water taxi to Caye Caulker, Belize….4 nights there!  Water taxi back to Chetumal, Mexico then bus back to Cancun where we take the Ferry to Isla Mujeres for our last 4 nights!  All the hotels are booked…all have kitchenettes in Belize, fridges in the Mexico hotels, really exciting to take our first bus adventure in Mexico and Belize!


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