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Lac Philippe

We manage to find ourselves at Lac Philippe at least once every year for a walk or a hike.  It’s a beautiful little lake in the National Capital Commission (NCC) ‘s Gatineau Park.  This weekend we camped there for the first time!  We arrived Thursday around 5:30 (after a very very stressful work day)….the weather was beautiful and it wasn’t long before we were cooking beans on the Coleman stove and sausage over the fire.  We only saw one other couple that night and they weren’t camping anywhere near us.  We were all alone in our sector of the park.  It was idyllic, quiet, dark – oh so peaceful!

Friday we rented little kayaks and paddled around the lake.   We paddled around the entire perimeter of the lake, saw many beaver huts (no beavers though), a loon happily diving for fish, a big blue fish which we have no idea what kind he was (coloured fish are fairly unusual in Canadian lakes that I know of), birds galore!  At the far end (near the entrance to Lusk Caves) we banked the kayaks and had a picnic on the beach, then headed back down up the other side.  We stopped at a little island and did some exploring and took the kayaks back.  It was a great day…oh so quiet out there!

Saturday was big hike day – we hiked to Lac Taylor (another lake within the same area), passing Lac Renaud on the way.  We picnicked at an empty campsite overlooking the Taylor Lake and then looped back through the forest trail and old logging road back to our campsite.  We think it was about 11 k altogether.  Lots of wildlife along the way (as is evidenced below).

Our evenings consisted of reading by the fire (with our geeky headlamps on)!  Nights got COLD….down to about 9c (with the day times in the mid to high 20’s).  Sunday morning we awoke to a lot of sounds..weren’t really too aware of what it was…and then it started to rain…once we looked out we realized that everyone who was near us (those that arrived Friday night) had all been smart enough to pack up and head out before the BIG RAIN started.  Needless to say we left with a lot of wet gear.  It was only 9:30 in the morning, so we grabbed Tim Horton’s breakie and coffee near Wakefield and decided to go for a drive up the valley to Maniwaki.  If you live in the Ottawa area and haven’t driven up there it really is a nice drive (in spite of the crazy drivers).  I had no idea that Maniwaki was so large, with traffic lights, Canadian Tire.  A section near the main street was cordoned off with police blockade and a huge police bus.  When we got home we read that a young man had been found dead in the area.  Sad 😦

Once home we stowed the gear, showered the wood smoke off and headed to Murray Street kitchen for a delectible meal!

That’s it – no more camping until July 7th.  City work & fun until then!


Beaver Hut in the background


A2 was our home for the weekend


Rented kayaks on site for 4 hours and paddled around the perimeter of the lake.





Wee fish near the beach where we rented the kayaks


More wee fish



Mom? Dad? & Goslings…


Oh Deer



Cute little guy



Ants at work



Same Goslings with Mom? Dad?


The biggest, tallest trilliums I’ve ever seen (above and below)



the requisite selfie – I shouldn’t wear hats or go without make up…OR do closeups – Johnny’s good though 🙂


I’ve never seen caterpillars at this stage before..not sure what the heck is next (above & below)


I should have left some space between our last hiking photo and our dinner the next day 🙂

Below – Johnny’s meal on top – Fred’s Pork – my meal below – Joe’s Fish.  The menu has changes/additions almost daily.  The ‘names’ of the dishes stay the same – but the dish itself may change.  My walleye (pickerel) was amazing..YUM YUM!


National Capital Green Belt – Trails # 25, 26, 28

Life is busy/topsy turvy these days, and we are grabbing our hikes where we can!   After putting up my Open House signs this morning, we headed out to the edge of Bridlewood once again and did a hike that came out to around 6 km.  It was sunny and warm, but the trails were partially covered and there was a nice breeze – always GREAT when there is no humidity!  We started out at P10 and our first stop was the old Lime Kiln ruins.   We discovered along the way there had been a fire in that area back in 2012 (and we really can’t figure out why we didn’t know that :).  As a result there was a lot of dead wood but now 3 years later there is a lot of new growth – bushes/trees starting.

We came across most of our usual suspects, birds, chipmunks, squirrels & a snake.  One of the trails is on a Beaver pond and there was a nice big Beaver hut, always a pleasure to see one, but alas no beaver in sight!

My new phone has a fitness app and it recorded my steps as 12,307 – which translates into 9.37 km…I’m pretty sure we didn’t walk that far…our estimates based on the lengths of the various trails were in the 6 km range…who knows 🙂  Still using the new Nikon D5500 as a ‘point & shoot’ – but hopefully soon I will have the time to start doing the online courses to teach myself the finer points!

National Capital Greenbelt – Trail # 31

3.9 Km trail starting at the south/east corner behind Nepean Sportsplex.  Very flat, lots of shade, talls stands of pines, a wee incline up a ridge.  Great for biking and family walks.  They have a series of Fitness apparatus on one of the shorter loops that are kind of fun to test your strength and balance skills.

I managed to find what I believe was a red trillium at the early stages of

ry little rain and everything is starting to dry.

Gatineau Park – Mackenzie King Estate – Waterfall Trail

Mother, daughter afternoon outing at Mackenzie King Estate!  Weather was lovely, no flies yet!  Loads of Trilliums.  The White Trillium is Ontario’s Provincial flower.  The structures are on the grounds of the estate.  We also drove up to Champlain Lookout for a week peek!

National Capital Greenbelt Trail # 26

This is part of a series of trails with lots of parking access along West Hunt Club & Richmond Road between Bridlewood & Bells Corners.  It was the first hot humid day, we went out around 10 a.m.  This was a pleasant trail and we saw lots of wildlife!  The trees are starting to sprout and the forests are turning green, hooo  haaaa!  No bugs yet!

National Capital Greenbelt Trail #22 – Sasparilla (Mini)

We were out doing an errand that had us passing this trail on Friday evening, so thought why not just stop and do a quick walk-through.  Only .9 km, but lots of interesting things to see!  This trail is totally flat and wheel chair accessible.  There is also a little picnic pavilion and washroom facilities.

National Capital Greenbelt Trails #24 & a little of #25

Today we did 5.1 km Trail # 24 – and about 1.5 km of other trails along the way for a total around 6.5 km.  It was 12c, sunny, no wind.  The trails were a mixture of old roads, woods, boardwalk & Trans Canada Trailway.  Sightings today included reddish/brown squirrel, black squirrel, butterflies, moths, little black snake with green strip down back & a number of different types of birds.  It would seem that the trail we were on today also links up with the Rideau Trail System.  Today one of the highlights was seeing an evergreen tree all decorated with Christmas Decorations – love what people do in the woods 🙂


National Capital Greenbelt Trail # 23

5.6 km today.  12 c – sun with some clouds.  Perfect weather for a walk!  No snow or ice, but water running across the path & mud in a number of spots.  Lots of ‘living’ things today, a turkey (didn’t get a snap), a porcupine, lots of other birds, caterpillars, chipmunks & humans with their dogs!  This is a great trail, the only negative is the din of traffic along Robertson (Hazeldean in Kanata).  Parking for this trail is directly across from Hazeldean Mall in Kanata.

I hope you can hear the frogs:  


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